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Aug. 19, 2008

Posted by Arcana Jester

Okay, so I tried to be all complicated by putting up a home page with borders and CSS madness. Turns out most people's monitors don't have the resolution needed to see the site and everything's REALLY dark. I scrapped the other design and put up this more simple one. But now that I think about it... I like this one better.

Still working on making the site more pretty. I may change the layout of the character pages due to the pain of brightening everything. Unless you guys really like the way they are now. I'll experiment.

Remember guys, this is your site. Tell me what you would like to see. Every character is important, and I will take special time and care for each page to make sure it's done right. (If you want your name and e-mail address on the character page, let me know, and I'll credit it up.)

I'm thinking of making a Visitors page for those characters that are always in our Domain, but are residents elsewhere (Eleanor, the Super Ghoul as an example).

Old Speil

Aug. 14, 2007

Posted by Arcana Jester

This site was designed for the roleplaying game of Vampire: the Masquerade - Ashes of the Night. The Ashes Organization was created in the spirit of One World by Night, and spans several cities and states. This site is currently under construction. We have a lot of info, players, and a lot of characters so please be patient.

So far there is a little character page list below for preview. The list is not complete as there are several new characters I can't remember the names for the life of me, and several deceased ones I never knew. They are still in their prototype stages and will have things added to them. All information available is what a character would normally know with Camarilla Lore and Harpy's Notes. No OOC info will be posted, ever! Rumors are continuously updated on the character pages.


  • Analise
  • Atris Lockhart (currently being created)
  • Dragard
  • Jaden Bella-Morte
  • Mun
  • Rico Strife
  • Tommy Carters
  • Adam "Yes" Reynolds
  • Anatriark -- next
  • "The Doctor" -- queued
  • Doc Holiday
  • Kiya
  • Lester
  • Nami
  • Network
  • Nicholas
  • Rabble
  • Saraya Reynolds
  • Steve
  • Zantros

  • Those of you who do not yet have a character page, e-mail me with physical descriptions (detailed please!) and what information is on the character pages shown (full name, Status, etc.). I would also appreciate a public biography (something your character would readily tell to other Kindred and what they would hold as their Human persona. Most of those already created need more information, bios and physical descriptions.

    Feel free to e-mail me rumors.


    What is your character's Theme Song?